Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We got here

It has been a long day, well it has really been 2 days if one really thinks about it. We left on Monday with no real problems. But as soon as we got on the plane one could really tell we were in a different culture with many Orthodox Jews having to do their morning and evening prayers on the plane. We traveled through the night with some sleep getting off the plane 12:30 pm local time. Allen quickly meet us at the airport and it turned out to be much easier getting through customs then expected so we met him in good time.We took a bus for hour and a half to Nazareth. It was a very interesting ride as we passed beside the West Bank Wall and land forms that battles were fought at in the Old Testament. We were all excited to come to the town Jesus grew up in. We had time to explore Nazareth on our own and grab some food and just take in the Holy Land. We are staying at Fauzi Azar hostel a really unique place where Muslim, Jewish and Christians all work together. I theme more prevalent in Nazareth then I expected. In the main center of the town a Mosaic and Church sit right next to each other and live in what seems to look like harmony. We also met up with Linford Stutzmen a Prof. from EMU who will lead us through about the first week of our trip as we explore the steps that Jesus walked. We are also looking forward to go to Nazareth Village tomorrow which truly will be a enriching experience.Our group is also quickly getting to know each other better and turning into good friends. I am sorry for my spelling and grammar it has been a long day and I am very tired plus I should let other people use the one computer they have here.

Peace be with you

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