Thursday, April 5, 2012

Countdown Is On!

Hi, my name is Kailey Thiessen and i am one of the twelve young adults ( we consider ourselves the twelve discipels) going to Israel/Palestine this May. Since February i have been counting down the days until we leave. Currently there are 32 days left :)

At our orientation we discussed questions we want answered and things we are excited or curious about while there. Some topics that came up were the people that we will encounter, scenery,  conflict, and the hospitality.

I don't know about my fellow team members, but i am a little frightened to go. I am a home girl, so i have never really travelled too far away from home. It will also be the longest i will be away from my friends and family. Besides that, i'm nervous about the difference of culture, society, and the difference in views, especially views of the conflict. But throughout our three weeks there, we will get some of our questions answered as well as gain more questions.

I'm so ecstatic about leaving and travelling with these amazing people! See you in 32 days! :)

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