Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walking in the light...

Today is our last day in Israel-Palestine. It's hard to believe the three weeks have passed. We have learned so much. Today was mostly a free day in Jerusalem. Some of us attended churches this morning, some visited the Israel Museum, some walked on the walls of Jerusalem (the Rampart walk) and we all took in the sights and smells of the markets one last time. 

In our debriefing time we reflected on our Yella experience and what we've learned. We have seen and heard  so much. We've learned how the stories we grow up with shape us and make us who we are. We've learned about some of the narratives that shape people here and how they add to the complexity of conflict here. We've been able to put human faces to all sides of the conflict and that changes everything.

How will this experience affect our lives going forward? Many of us expressed a desire to be active in educating people about the conflict here, and also to work at being more active in our home communities. We want to live as faithful followers of Christ wherever we are.

Ruby led us in our final devotional tonight and talked about letting our light shine as we go from here. We each said a prayer as we lit a candle. In the darkness of the night there was a glow that brightened our faces and we felt inspired to sing, and sing and keep singing. 

"Christ be our light, shine in our hearts, shine through the darkness.."

It is my prayer that we will continue to walk in the light as faithful followers and that we will boldly address the brokenness of this world. May we courageously join in God's work of piecing together a world where there is peace and justice for all. 

Stephanie Dueck

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