Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And on the third day He gave us mountains (and blisters)

Today was the third day of our hike on the Jesus Trail. And let me tell you, it was no picnic. We began by immediately taking a detour because construction was in our way. We walked for a while and eventually made it to the first mountain, Horns of Hattin. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to get up. Well, for those of us who didn’t have five blisters on each foot. We had a break on the top of the mountain and then started trekking down. We realized that going up was actually a piece of cake compared to going down. It took a lot of physical strength to stop yourself from falling down. When we got to the bottom, we had to keep going down to make it to the road. After about a half hour we made it to lunch at a Druze Shrine. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to go into it. Why? We still aren’t quite sure. But we were able to have lunch underneath a tree and tend to our feet.

At this point, a couple of us decided we weren’t able to hike the last 10 km with the numerous blisters on our feet. So Allan took them through a shortcut while the rest of us did the last 10 km. The majority of it was a pathway through an olive tree farm, but as we kept walking we noticed that the mountain around us kept getting taller and taller. And what is that old saying? What goes up must come down? Soooo.. we were already down so we had to go up somehow to get the our guest house. After making our way through a herd of cows ( Seth and Caleb went bravely ahead of us in case they decided to charge), and across numerous streams, we got to the beginning of the mountain. There was no way we could have avoided that, so we just started going up. We stopped halfway up to take a few pictures of the gorgeous view, and then we did that last half. After swallowing our last drops of water, we finally made it to the top in our sweat drenched clothes. 10 minutes later, we got to our guest house. It was a wonderful surprise to walk into an air conditioned living room and a pool out back.

Once supper was done ( which was delicious by the way), we had our daily devotional and just chilled in the living room. Everyone is too tired to do anything else. Tomorrow is the last day of the Jesus Trail. Tune in tomorrow for how we ended this part of our journey with God J  ~Kailey

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