Sunday, May 27, 2012

What more can we say?

Our group of travelling disciples has had three weeks of meaningful conversations, intense experiences, and awe-inspiring moments, and we’ve also shared a lot of laughter!  While many people are upstairs, trying to fit their newly-acquired tangible memories into suitcases that somehow seem much smaller than 21 days ago, I will share with you some of the quotable quotes that I collected throughout our journey.  Many of them may only make a certain group of 16 people laugh, and leave the rest of you faithful readers puzzled.  But, if the quotes themselves leave you confused, please understand that we have become a group of trusted companions and friends, and these moments remind us of that!
~Alissa Bender

“I’m going to go practice the shofar.” – Ryan
“The Dead Sea is like Hell.  You’ve gotta go there.” – Carol
“I don’t think it’s a super modest day.” – Allan
“Supper/Breakfast/Leaving Time… bow wow wow wow… you can’t touch this.” – Derek
“I don’t want to just be an amoeba.” – Michaela
“So, how is that different from toddler?” – Michaela
“That’s a great game, Simon Says.” – Michaela
“There’s an awkward gap and my bum is weird.” – Allan
“Even more happens under the Israeli moon.” – Derek
“Andrew, he’s the hero.  He had feet.” – Carol
“I like you as a cat.” – Michaela to Caleb
“What’s that old thing carved out of stone?” – Carol
“I need a drink!” – Kailey
“I’m having issues with the ‘p’.” – Vanessa
“I just like being the centre of attention!” – Derek
“Churches go crazy sometimes.  It’s like rabies.” – anonymous
“I’m a Gentile.  I can do this.” – Caleb
“It was a Jewish synagogue crossed with a hippie drum circle.” – Caleb
“It’s a jungle eat jungle world.” – Carol
“Derek, for one thing, I’m already toilet trained.” – Seth
“ ‘No, no, girlfriend!’ That’s what God said to Moses.” – Derek
“Herod was gangsta boss.” – Seth

Total groaner puns (note the predominance of faith partners):
“You could wear a sarong.” – Caleb “That’s sa-wrong thing to wear!” – Carol
“Get out of Jael free…” – Derek
“Cistern!” – Annika “And brethren?” – Alissa
“I don’t think you have a high enough hai-q.” – Derek to Allan

Other friends along the way:
“Don’t forget your modesty kit.” – Linford
“FERTILE!” – Linford
“You cut down one tree, I plant ten.” – Daher (
When asked whether she is religious: “Well… I pray, but my shorts are very short.” – Yonah
“You guys are very excited about things.” – Jared (Jerusalem guide)
“So, where are the Eskimos on Mt. Zion?” – random woman on tour that Derek snuck onto (it was later discerned that she was looking for Bedouins)


  1. I'm quite amused and mildly disturbed by some of Derek's responses... I'll be curious to hear about the stories attached to them!

  2. This is great. I laughed even though I didn't know the context.