Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey everyone!

We are now on our second day in and thoroughly enjoying our time! Today we started the day with a delicious breakfast of fresh vegetables and fruits, pita, hummus, cheese, eggs and Arabic coffee! The food has been one of the great highlights so far!

After our awesome breakfast we had the privilege of having Linford lead us around Nazareth village. Nazareth village was founded by Christians about 10 years ago to provide a reconstruction of what type of life Jesus likely lived. The area is built on a hill and it includes a reconstruction of a typical 1st century house, synagogue, wine press, olive press and several farm animals. We were told that in the process of excavating the area they found a 1st century wine press... and who knows, maybe Jesus used it! Jesus would have spent a large amount of his upbringing in Nazareth and likely knew it well.

As we begin to have a better understanding of what life events and people Jesus was affected by, Kailey led us in a devotional looking at his most basic but profound teachings that made him so revolutionary at the time: " your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..." (Matthew 5:44). She asked us, what does it mean to love one another? How does this manifest into our everyday lives? How do we love people who perpetually abuse us or take advantage of us? It's a passage that seems so basic, yet so complex. So I encourage you to ask yourself: what does it mean to love our enemies? It may be more complex than you think!


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